Thursday, March 16, 2006


The biodiversity will count 50% of your year mark.

You will be given 3 Practical periods to obtain information for your presentation

The presentation should be at least 25 slides long and prepared using Power Point and a supplied template.

Notes are to be appended to the presentation (approx 5000 five-thousand) and should be referenced.

If you lift images from the Internet provide the URL acknowledging their source.

Provide a clear structure for your outline under informative headings e.g.

When did the group first appear?

Describe the first forms physically and in which geological periods did this occur?

What were the environmental conditions that operated at the time of this evolutionary breakthrough.

How successful were they, what ecological niches did they occupy?

What were the more successful forms and identify key features to their successors

Did their genes survive until today and for how long were they successful?

Track their evolution to either today or to the time of their extinction

If extinct, what contributed to their extinction?

If extant, how successful are they today, what limits them and what is their conservation status, range and habitat occupation?

Identify key feature contributing to their success of failure of the group.

Descripe the major groups that live today and indicate their current vulnerability within each of these major group.

What is/are the ecological/economic value of the group or individual species?

Are there any species of especially interest e.g. living fossils?

Under climate change are they likely to be an increaser/decreasers species?


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