Monday, March 13, 2006

living fossils: coelacanth

Ill look at a brief intoduction on the coelocanth, viewing its origin etc. Ill then briefly touch on its history, talking aout its extinction and the significance thereof.Ill then go on to the mormophology of the coelanth skeleton, trying to compare it with modern fishes. recent fishes. then talking of its biological characteristics and how it was discovered.
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    Please try and folow instructions -Headers should be in CAPITALS (see ealier instructions) - again sentences start with CAPS as well as names - it is important to get your punctuation correct and check your spelling. An incomplete sentence exists.

    You have implied that the Coelacanth is extinct, rather say that it was thought to have been extinct since the Devonian(?) (Please check this fact?). Then discuss its re-discovery and how its anatomy and physiology comapares with modern fish. What is the current conservation staus of this species and where is it thought to occur now?

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