Monday, March 13, 2006

Insectivores- primitive placental

Insectivores get their name due to the fact that they are insect eating mammals. These include mammals such as shrews, moles and hedgehogs.
In this assignment I will be looking at the reason as to why these are thought to be the most primitive of placental mammals. This will be done by looking at their physical structure, morphology, age (how long they have been around for), classification as well as their threats and conservation status.
Most insectivores are secretive species that are often nocturnal. Their habitats range from being semi-aquatic to living under desert and Arctic conditions. Due to their small body size and secretive nature, it has resulted in these animals being overlooked, even thought they are of use to shaping our biodiversity.



  • You have mentioned some of the more common members but there are some others such as the Tenrecs from Madagascar. Your categories are rather general. Here are some questions to consider

    1) When did they evolve?

    2) Why are they considered primitive?

    3) Link the habitats that they have occupied with the the various taxonomic groups.

    4) What is their conservation status?

    Please re-submit with more detail.

    By Blogger Rich Knight, at Tuesday, March 14, 2006 12:23:00 pm  

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