Wednesday, March 08, 2006


In order to determine whether the climate is changing we need to compare
current data with historical data, which will be able to tell us if the
climate has changed and how much. Most climate change has been
attributed to human activity with the environment.

The first piece of evidence which suggest that the climate is changing
is the constant melting of glaciers. This is called glacier retreat,
which is due to an increase of temperature. The melting of the glacier
could contribute to the rise in the sea level.

There has also been an increase in precipitation world wide this is due
to there warming of the earth. Although there are cases where the rate
of precipitation has decreased.

Another concern that indicates climate change or which could be the
cause of climate change is the increase in the greenhouse effect and
increase in green house gases, these gas trap uv radiation intern
heating up the earths surface and possibly increase the ocean
temperature. This increase in temperature due to the greenhouse effect
could be the cause of increase in precipitation, glacier melting and
cause extreme weather conditions such as cyclones.

It seems as if one change induces another change like a ripple effect so
how is it that it got started? The next question should be how are we as
humans going to slow down these changes which are changing our climate
or how are we going to stop it.

Reviewer Megan Van Der Bank



  • I believe this question was about past climate change, not current climate change!
    "Most climate change has been attributed to human activity with the environment." Only very recently - past climate change had very little to with humans.

    Although there is indeed glacial evidence of past climate change, current glacial retreat only provides evidence through the exposure of older glacial deposits, and the remainder of your answer is not only poorly written and researched but irrelevant.

    You need to work on your writing skills if you are hoping to be a scientist.

    By Anonymous James, at Wednesday, March 15, 2006 4:51:00 pm  

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