Monday, March 06, 2006


The World Bank plus all its other sources of finance research have to
develop a plan for practical and cost effective alternative fuels, fuel
cells for motorcars. They will have to join or even collaborate with the
fossil fuel industries so that they can start to provide an overall
systematic solution than to compete against the transformation of energy
use. The oil reserves are soon heading for disaster the reason for this
is because we still have to drill for the oil instead of having to find
ways to improve our transport system by making cars, which are more
By trying to develop cars, which will run on hydrogen instead of oil.
By making the cost of transportation even cheaper. Maybe we should find
other means of transport instead of using trucks, cars, etc, maybe we
should go back to the past were people used a horse and a cart which
took lots of time but the companies did receive there goodies. This will
be one way to reduce our oil and fossil fuel use sage. This will help
reduce our pollution into the atmosphere, soils, oxygen and the water
pollution we are faced with.


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