Monday, March 06, 2006


We as individuals need to reduce pollution and global warming. They only
way to reduce global warming and pollution is by reducing the amount of
fossil fuels being used. We will also have to improve our water supply
because many of our countries illnesses come from our polluted waters.
Wind turbines are capable of reducing our high electric use; it will
help to reduce global warming and pollution. The water could either be
boiled or may either be pasteurised using solar cookers.
Wind turbines can replace the use of fossil fuels. Wave energy
generators can be used for coastal regions. By planting trees within our
countries, cities and communities will also help to reduce pollution and
global warming, it will help increase our oxygen and improve our soils.
In cars we can try using non-polluting or less polluting fuels like
hydrogen fuels, compressed natural gas and hybrid gas electric. To
reduce the amounts of methane within our atmosphere, we need to find a
way to store electricity that is not used during about 10pm until about
6am this will also help to reduce our energy, electric sources. We need
to find a way to reduce our oil reserves.


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