Saturday, March 18, 2006

briefly review the evidence that we have that climate has changed in the past and asses..........

Climate changes are both human induced and through natural variation.
There are natural variations in the solar cycle and the composition of
the atmosphere. Climate changes are also human induced because of global
warming. Because of our high demand of productivity, we release copious
amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Because of thus,the
temperature (average) is on the increase. Climate change is the long
term measurement of weather patterns and if these weather patterns
change, monitored over an extended period, the climate changes. The
transformations of ocean basins also affect long term climate change.
Climate change has also occurred in the past. Evidence of this is the
Ice-Age which ended +- 10000 years ago. Humans only began practising
agriculture when the earth warmed to current levels. The rate of climate
change is increasing and this is mainly due to human interaction with
the environment.

Nicole Prinsloo
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Zoology Department
University of the Western Cape
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