Wednesday, March 08, 2006


What is causing all the shortages problems and what could be done to minimize the problem?

None other than the human species causes all these energy and resources problems. Greed has plaid a big role in it, what has happened is that people wanted to raise their economic growth that they took resources from the earth till there is virtually no more to take. Another major problem that needs to be addressed before coming up with sustainability options is the population bloom, already the world is carrying 4 more billion people than it was intended so you can only imagine just how much shortage of resources we are going to go through. Each country could also initiate a program where each family’s energy resource expenditure is monitored and kept under control e.g. the water restrictions in Cape Town. We will not run out of all our resources in the near future but there will come a time when we will have to purchase air at the rate we are going.



  1. journeytoforever.org/biofuel.html
  2. EAT  statistics on pollution and resources Dr. Richard White



  • Check your grammar - I like the population bloom - a little sentimental so what data do you have to suport your stand for 4 billion people less.

    Please identify yourself by adding a comment with your name.

    By Anonymous Rich, at Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:02:00 pm  

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